My name is Andreas Vingaard. I work as a cameraman, editor and video journalist based out of New York City.

I have almost two decades of experience in the field. My clients include al-Jazeera English, Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), TV2 Denmark, TV2 Norway, BBC, Eyeworks Denmark, Metronome Denmark, Blu, Consulate General of Denmark (NY), JJ Film, Wingman Media and many others.

I have covered such events as the murder of Rafik al-Hariri in Lebanon (2005), the war in Iraq (2007), three Tour de France races, the earthquake in Haiti (2010), the mining accident in Chile (2010), the drugwar in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico (2011), the Freddie Gray demonstraions (2015), three US elections as well as events in Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Macedonia, Norway, Thailand, Greenland and all stories all across the US.

I completed a ‘Surviving in Hostile Environments’ training course with AKE Group.

I have had articles & photos printed in Danish newspapers as well as magazines such as Politiken, BT, Djembe, Cultures and Action Speaks. I have done national radio for DR and hosted a show on Radio Jazz when I was living in Copenhagen.


Contact: vingaard-films@hotmail.com | +1-646-344-9551